Wednesday, 3 of July of 2013

I’ve been here too long…

What was alluded to in the second post was the self esteem issue that I have been wrestling with lately. I honestly believe finding men to have sex on here was tied to a need to prop up my self esteem. If men allegedly found me sexy, then I felt better about myself. But it was a false prop and a vicious cycle.
I have met two – only two – men from this site since last January. One worked out rather well, though it was a convoluted process of compromise to get together. The second was meh, no thanks.
And you know what? I am pretty much perfectly fine with that. Wanna know why? Because I have decided I deserve better than casual, “I’d fuck anything” kind of sex. It just makes me wanna go “iPhone Porn“.
So this is sort of a new mindset for me…though there are other reasons for the possible hiatus. There are just other things going on that require time and thought. Some of these things are personal challenges to be a better person….and that just doesn’t seem to jive with what goes on here.

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The People of Adult Sex Dating, IMHO…

In the past six months I would say I have noticed such an array of people entering the Carolina Chat Room. From Professional Whiners to the regular alcoholics who have always been there but chosen to be over looked. The back stabbers, liars, cheaters and just all around ass wipes have always been there and typically keep a low enough profile.

Just recently the alcoholics, the mouth breathers and those so in love with themselves they have NO room for another… have chosen to rear their slurred speech and fugly ass heads in an attempt to ruin an otherwise normal type atmosphere. I am not sure if it is from boredom or because as one replied to me ~ just out and out NO LIFE!!!. Sadly, their impact on the chat room is typically that of rude, crude and just falling down drunken stupor. It is one thing to comment rudely, it is another to go on a rip in an effort to verbally abuse another just to satisfy their sadness at an empty glass and life. But because their life is unreasonably boring and peered through beer goggles and what other variety of rose colored articles she chooses to slap on her mug, does NOT give her the right to lay her bullshit on ANY ONE because of her lack of happiness/companionship/or boorish manners. Go and Find partner here!

You can NOT help but cringe when they enter chat because you just know they haven’t had a good day; they they are in there to garner praise because their day sucked; that they rarely have a kind word or thought about anyone and strive to make sure they make others aware of that, and the crowning moment: Their disgusting sex lives discussed openly enough to make one gag, hack and turn another shade of pale. We all know that person hasn’t been laid since condoms were invented because it is too hard to keep a penis hard enough to place it in a condom to do this kind of person ~ UNLESS of course, this is a blow job, in which case, she is ALSO a pro!!! God Bless those lips and I don’t mean those vaginal ones Those have seen more dicks than a New York bus urinal on a bad day

OH, it was worth every doubt

I found her at Mobile Adult Dating She said ” Yes” when I had emailed her and told er I was coming to her land, and would it be OK if I invited her for dinner.
She looked, fabulous, wonderful, so pretty in her dress, a comfortable, yet sensual dress, deisgned to flatter and compliment her figure.
She laughed when I said something which was in English, but needed translation into her English, she smiled and I was lost. Oh, and the way she ate her dinner was incredible, I love watching a woman eat, when she loves life it shows in the way she eats, …I know it seems odd, but it does, theres a sort of, sort of joyous delight on her face.
After dinner, we lingered, no dessert, instead, cognac, and coffee, ( I had an expresso in mine, its like piss otherwise, which is odd..) and then, she agreed to move to a bar, with a dance floor and a piano player…
She danced close, excusing my oafish efforts with a gracious smile delicately manouvering us back to our table when the pressure of my feet on hers became too much.
At the end of our evening, we returned to my room, for a ” nightcap”, I knew I was being granted a huge priviledge, this was after all our first meet and shes not the type, you know to routinely have sex with people the first time. I wasnt expecting that, I really wasnt, but, but,I couldnt make the right noises to stop it.
She was, if possible, more gorgeous naked than I had imagined, and believe me I had imagined lots and lots. I imagined the smell and the feel of her hair, and it was, marvelous. I imagined the feel of her skin and it was more soft, more satin, more perfect that I thought possible, she tasted and smelled spectacular.
I was playing with her nipples in my lips and looked at her face, and her eyes, her beautiful, deep sensual eyes captured me in a moment. I hesitated for a moment or three, until I could breathe once more, until my heart started beating again, until I could coordinate my fingers, lips and tongue.

Looking for partner

Life’s too short to be so serious forever, don’t you think? A lot of people do not understand my sense of humor and why I keep looking for love in most peculiar places. I think you may be the type of person I’m looking for.
I’m quite a good and gentle person who can be quite straight forward, at moments. I have a sort of fetish for strangers, who let everything go wild. But only you should know of this, okay? I’m on this site called Sex Personals Meendo , and it provides a free anonymous msg service, perfect for me! Give me a holla when you are there,. Cheers!”

twenty three

twenty three
Twenty three years ago today I lost my virginity. I have written about it a few times (this one, written two years ago, provides the details:a lifetime ago and I’m still learning…) but the gist is that I was raped by a 16 year old boy in my church youth group. I told him no, he didn’t take no for an answer was basically how it went down.
It’s funny, I have long since gotten over being angry. I had something stolen from me and have every right to be full of hatred. But somehow looking over the course my life took after that, it seems like it was meant to be: an experience I was meant to bear, something that has shaped me into who I am. And I think I am a pretty decent person so I can’t be resentful. I forgave that boy a long, long time ago.
I stalked him on Online Dating a couple of years ago near the anniversary. It appears he is married and has a son and owns a business. Good for him. I wonder if he ever thinks about me and that fateful July afternoon?
If I’d gotten pregnant and had a child by him, he or she would be 22 years old. That’s a pretty crazy thought. Here I think I am too young to be a mom to a 15 year old but I sure as hell am too young to be a mom to a 22 year old.
The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me, mainly due to my volatile primary relationship, or whatever you want to call it these days. It truly defies labels. But today I am going to remember this date and how far I’ve come and that I’m a survivor.
I am refusing to ride this coaster any more. I am going with him to see the symphony tonight. I want to sit and close my eyes and absorb the music and let peace seep into my soul. I want to be still. And breathe. And be grateful for all of these things, good and bad, that have molded me into me.

When minds and bodies meet and match

I blogged a couple of days ago about a visit I was expecting from an Adult Sex Dating buddy. After a flurry of nervous txts on Monday afternoon he arrived at my place.
One look at him and I knew he was everything I had been expecting from our months of chatting online. Tall, well built and handsome, with the most amazing eyes and a very sexy smile … oh be still my beating heart. One soft, slow kiss and the stampeding herd of butterflies (or were they elephants??) in my stomach settled down to a quiet dull thudding.
With a sense of humour that kept me laughing and an intelligent mind that meant for great conversation, and that firm click of perfect chemistry, we spent a fabulous time together.
It’s been a while since a man kissed me and I felt weak at the knees but OMG YES! Beautiful, soft, slow kisses which drove me crazy. This man has lips, hands and tongue that he knows how to use to take a girl to heaven and back, not to mention …. ohhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Hoping to have the chance to play again while you are home in NZ … Mr You Know Who You Are!

Tell me your desire, what do you miss from your love?

In trying to explain what with wrong with Mr. Nic, I couldn’t explain what I was missing. There were a lot of things.
I missed the passion. I missed being looked at with lust and desire and the almost impossibility of keeping your mouth off of mine and your hands off of me.
I missed the desire. To be looked at when I passed by as something you want to grab and make me scream with desire and excitement.
I missed the love taken away because of too many affairs and disrespect. I think the line was crossed within the last year. But others think it was crossed a longtime ago.
I miss the actual act of sex. The feeling of a dick inside me. The bulging, growing cock that I could wrap my tongue around.
I miss the kiss. Damn those kisses that make me want to crawl all over someone and show him how he makes me feel. Those wonderful, wonderful kisses.
I miss the chemistry. The look and the spark that ignites a thousand fires within me. The equations and intoxicating feeling only good chemistry can give.
I am ready for all of them. One of them at a time maybe. But all of them eventually.
What do you miss the most when your not in a good relationship?
What that is lacking seems the most desperate to acquire?
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Sex parties…. why i always vet people first!!

That said … i had an email in my inbox… the normal one not the Adult Sex Dating one.. from a couple i have played with from time to time…
She is *stunning* slim, blonde feminine… she looks good with no make up too… which i think is an under rated virtue! and him… well he aint so bad either… but ive played as a couple with them and as a single female… but today i got an email from them as they are planning a private party tonight and was wondering if i fancied coming along…
Would i fancy coming along… now usually this would be a slam dunk… yep i bloody well would… and who knows come 6pm i could change my mind… but right now…ive said maybe… but truthfully I’m not up for it .. today…
however – as usual – i like to keep my options open so i emailled back and asked for pics of the other people who are going to be there…
Now this may seem a little weird to those that don’t know.. most couples trust the hosts that everyone is going to be fairly attractive… well me… not so much and there is a story behind it…
about 5 years ago i went to a party with my ex… it was a couple we knew fairly well and i was assured they are all lovely and sexy… s i thought… ok then…

Free Sex Games

So went to a free sex games party last night. Yes I know Halloween was a week ago, but free sex games party was postponed due to everyone having kids. So went to the party last night and I went as a leopard….of sorts. The picture looks like what I wore except the teal lace was black on mine. Then of course I had to wear the ears, tail and of course the black stilletos.
free sexy games Party was alot of fun because I had a date. A new playmate came down and joined me for the party. I love the way this guy treats me. I mean he compliments me all the time, sincerely. He holds my hand, because he wants to. I turn to find him staring at me, because he finds me beautiful. He is a few years younger, but alot more mature then some men I have dated since being on the dating scene the last two years.

Anyway back to the party, lol. It was an free sex games party, bdsm/swinger party to be exact. Now mind you, I am very interested in bdsm…. Read more »

Garter belt and a hotel

i bring my camera wherever i go and was in the hotel texting with my bf at 11:30pm. he suggested i put on a short skirt and garter belt and try to get a man to come to my room and take photos of me.
i honestly thought i’d be going to an empty bar intimidating what few guys would be there with my garter peeking out… ending up feeling a bit giddy that i went, and then go back up to my room alone…
but i ended up having a nice conversation with a man at the bar and eventually it came up why i was dressed so provocatively. he obliged and came up to my room to take photos for a couple of hours…

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