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Are there any Black women left on this website?

I have been a member of Adult FriendFinder for a little more than 8 months and noticed very quietly that there is a strong lack of Black women either in my are here in Michigan or on this site in general. Where have you’ll gone to? I think that the Black women on this site are MISSING IN ACTION and I am somewhat confused that there is not more Black women interested in this site? What seems to be the issue oe problem that you can not put yourself out there on this site and have a face pic at that? As a Black man on this site if I can have my face placed on this site I beleive that all Black women can to. I thank all of my other friends who have placed and ad and face or body pic on this site. 1 Love to all my White, Read more »

Where are the Hot, Sexy women in Michigan?

Where are all the Hot, Sexy and Beautiful women here in Michigan? Yes I have met many women in my area from Michigan, but they seem to be non-existencefor the time being? I am willing to meet with any female within a certain distance of around 50 miles who is interested in getting together with a black male with no strings attached? I don’t think there are any women left here in Michigan who want to be wined and dined and have a genuine good time with me. It is not always about the sex, Read more »

A waterbed versus a regular bed? Which do you perfer?

I last make out on a waterbed about ten years ago and haven’t found anyone since then who had a waterbed to make love in? They just had a regular bed which made the sex good, but I would perfer a waterbed and move with the flow of the waves? What is your take on this issue? Do you perfer a waterbed over a regular bed or futon for that matter? Let me know what your differences are or does it really matter if you are with that special person and enjoying the moment no matter what the end result may be? Bed wise that is?

Looking to have an all Female Gangbang for me?

It is early in the morning and as I am looking and searching through the Adult FriendFinder site, I came up with the idea to pput on an all female gangbang where I am the only male participant? I think that this would be very hot, fun, sexsy and challenging for me to have so many women at my leisure fucking and sucking me on any given time period where I will have to cum over and over and over again? I have see in many porn movies where there are so many women having these gangbangs where they do 25, 50, 100, 500 and even 2000 guys at one time in a 24 hour period. I am not looking to set any type of records, but just have some good ole safe and clean hot and horny sexual encounters with women Read more »

Differences between all races of women?

Another thought in my mind as I am getting hornier my the minute is the fact that I love all races of women. Black women perform in their very own way, White women perform in their very own way as well as Hispanic and Asian? I think that there are some similarities as well as very subtle differences in how women of different races react and interact with a member of the opposite sex? I have had the distinct pleasure of having sexual experiences with every race stated above and beleive me there are differences between them in how they act and perform in bed. Read more »

The art of seduction? The strip club?

I just came back from visiting a well know strip club and as I was talking with a friend of mine who is a stripper. I posed this question to her? In the short time that I was there to obviously get a pleasure and fantasy combined? I told her that in observing the club seen- I noticed this very distinctive thing and that mostly all of the patrons in there were holding a conversation with a stripper at their respected tables while the main stripper on stage not recieving any attention as well as any money. I also told her Read more »

Favorite sexual positions?

I was just wondering what others feel is their best sexual position and why? What makes that position better than all the rest? Is it a personal style you may have or just the mondain practice that you have always programmed yourself into performing.

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