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10 Traits men look for in a girlfriend

Here are 10 traits that most men try and find in a girl who could be a girlfriend?
1. She has a life of her own?and it?s pretty ggod to boot.
2. She never makes the first move.
3. She is sexy without being trampy.
4. She waits to have sex.
5. She does little things to show she cares.
6. She should be her boyfriend?s best wingwoman.
7. She never turns on the pressure.
8. She does not take any crap from anyone.
9. A good women always chooses a good man.
10. She knows that love is the biggest part of the mating equation.

Friends or Lovers?

What is the difference between having a friend as opposed to having a lover?

Is it the way in which two friends spend so much time together that they know what the other person is thinking? What about a lover? Is having a lover mean that you are in tune with one another and you feel what that person feels and your bodies are as one fine tuned oiled machine that no matter what position you are in to you know how to move , act and think like there is no tomorrow. What do you think this question mean to you?

Married Women vs. Single Women

Married women on the site are the luckiest people in the universe. Like I say, I will never comprehend why a married male would want to swing – especially on this site. Married men are just asking for trouble. You’re opening yourself to a situation where the wife has access with 20-50x more potential willing partners than the husband does. Not surprisingly, you end up with diametrically opposite ego stimulation – female become divalicious and empowered into brazen bad behavior; and the husband becomes annoyed frustrated and pussified. Married men, help me – why would you do that to yourself? I think the only real sustainable format is a polyamorous one. Read more »

Dumb Random Laws?

Here is some more Dumb laws we have here in the United States? Tell me what you think of these laws here?

1. Prostitution is considered a “crime against the family”. The state of Montana

2. It is illegal to wear pants that are “firm fitting” around the waist. From Lewes, Delaware

3. Clothes may not be washed in bird baths. From Wynona, Oklahoma

4. It is illegal to park a car on railroad tracks.
From Prince William County, Virginia

5. Persons may not appear in public clothed in liquid latex. From Satellite Beach, Florida

What a tangled web we have woven Mr. President George W. Bush?

What a tangled web we weave when we have planned to decieve the American people? Shame on you Mr. President? He makes me very upset sometimes at how he is running our country into the ground? Thank God I live in a BLUE STATE and did vote for him? The wight of his problems are all on the RED STATE people, but I pray for all those men and women who serve in our military armed forces. What is your view(s) on our President Mr. George W. Bush? Do you think he has handled the Hurricane Katrina situation the right way? I think not? It took him 4 days to actually do something down there and his 1st visit was not inside New Orleans, but a fly-by to see the damage caused by this storm. It only took him a mere 1 day to go to New York and be at ground zero to access the damage caused by those terrorists. May the memories and spirits of those 3,000 people killed in the twin towers be remembered forever?

Are all women a Flirt or are they just a tease?

I was sitting at my computer pondering this question? I think that this can go either way depending on that particular women? What do you think? Some women can be very flirty if they like a person and some women can be just a tease becasue they play the hard to get role with a man whom they clearly see has an interest in them.I know from personal experience that I have had this happen to me on more than one occassion, so I know how to flirt back to women but i will never stoop so low as to just tease a women unless we’re making love and I am using the tip of my penis to insert it just enough at the edge of the pussy entrance and seeing how bad she wants me to fuck her Read more »

Why do people on this site window shop?

I was wondering why do people on this site window site and not respond to the blog postings and the postings within the individual group? Having everyone view my thoughts are fine, but in order to get a handle on the different points of view one would have to answer my questions in order for me to gain a different perspective on life within this site and what make people think the thoughts that they do? Good or Bad? All I am asking for is that people respond when viewing someone’s post? Read more »

Why are so many women afraid to let go of their inhibitions?

I am wondering why so many women are afraid to release their sexual prowess on the men of this site? If you say that you can do something or perform in some way then by all mean please do so. I am sick and tired of so many online user profiles and responses that try and deliver a perfect 10 by saying you will meet in person but instead deliver a 0.

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