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6 Ways to get instant respect.

Respect is always earned and never given to us. Some of us in today?s society have very little patience, will and perserverance needed to be truly respected. Respect is directly linked to your reputation. Here are some ways in which you can get instant respect in your lives.

1. Don?t spit on anyone
2. Dress the part
3. Keep silent
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6 Ways to arouse a women?

1. Look sharp (dress to impress)
2. Talk dirty ( this always works for me)
3. Lick her thighs and lower back( seduction is the key)
4. Use erotic movies ( porn always works best)
5. Call her up ( an unexpected call out the blue works wonders because it let?s her know that you are always thinking about her)
6. Use blindfolds ( a little role playing help here)
There are many ways to arouse a women, but there?s no doubt that arousing her mind will get her body going. sometimes, something simple as a deep, slow, wet kiss can make a women go crazy on you. the thing is, there?s only one way to find out what makes her tick.

5 Lust must

Here are 5 of the most interesting ways that you can lust after your partner?

1. Show some excitement.
2. Be brazen about your body.
3. Make some noise.
4. Light up the night.
5. Seal it with a kiss.

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