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The slippery slope of sex sites

I’ve been thinking about why sexual double standards between males and females continue to exist fairly strongly and they continue to result in higher degree of supressed sexuality in women than men.

It occurred to me that it isn’t just about a double standard for women. Look at the over protective big brother, or father. I’m sure many men can look into their own past and perhaps not be proud at how they’ve treat a woman when they were quite young, or how they’ve seen a young woman treated. Read more »

Dating Sites

The stigma still associated with sexual promiscuity for women is unfair and depressing. It must affect women a lot and dissuades them from being more open sexually. However, although this stigma is probably the main factor explaining the ratio of men and female on Adult FriendFinder, I think other factors might come into play.
Firstly, this site seems to be advertised aggressively through porn sites, with mostly a focus on men. Read more »

Licking pussy

I am quite taken with the depth of passion for oral sex, the descriptions about taste, smell, women who move their hips like they are humping your face, how sloppy wet women get, grabbing hair, the sounds women make, etc.

I am curious, and think about this, is this depth and passion for eating pussy because you really like doing it, or because of the response of women from being eaten? I mean, if a woman isn’t all that responsive in her actions, do you still enjoy it? Read more »

Tribute to a man in my past.

Some relationships leave a greater mark on you then others and there is one man that I really only dated briefly, for about 4 months on two different occasions, but he left a hugely influencial mark on my life.

His influence was his zest and passion for life, and living life to the fullest, yet treat your body like a temple, with love and respect by how you treat it and what you put in it.

If you went swimming, “swim harder,” he’s say. If you were skiing, “push yourself, you can do it,” he’d say. He lived his life that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing with your best effort. That was in sports, play, work, and sex.

And putting good food in your body, not only should a food be worthy of putting in your body, it should be prepared to keep it worthy. No mushy veggies, only firm, and lots of them. Lean cuts of meat and lots of sea food. A beer was ok, but just one or two, to over do it is to disrespect your body.

He taught me some of the best lessons of life, and truly how you live your life is your choice. He didn’t have a fine solid, sexy body because it just was, but because he filled his life with physical activities and he worked hard at them.

And sometimes when I don’t feel like doing that last set weight lifting, I can hear him telling me to push myself harder. His influence has never left me. He’s been gone since 1999 but I’m so glad I met him.

Long ago memory

It had been months since we’d seen each other, separated by thousands of miles, and our encounter would be brief, just 4 short days.

I picked you up at the airport and off we headed for the ski slopes, or rather, the room at the ski slopes. We don’t get far before we find a place to pull over. “I need my bag,” you say and you pull out a drug store bag, a kind of full for what I’m thinking drug store bag. I take a look inside, not one, or two, or three, but 4 boxes of 12 –48 condoms.

“D! 48 condoms, you are only here for 4 days!”

I love that sheepish, sexy, needy, embarassed look in your eyes, “let’s do our best.”

And so the games began, and continued. Wild nights, lesuirely dinners, fantastic skiing, taking in the rays, finding a private spot on the mountain, jacuzzi baths, and constant passion.

We did our best. And all holidays should be that good.

Sex questions

I like talking about sex and I like learning about different things that turn people on and what they find so hot about it.

I am curious about how often that gag reflex gets in the way with taking a cock deep in the mouth? I’m curious as to what percentage of woman have master this without that gag reflex?

And, does the gag reflex bother you?

Anorexic desires

“You’re the fattest woman I’ve ever been with and you need to lose weight,” is what he said, and the picture attached is from when he said it.

So, I had about 5 to 7 pounds more then I do now, but, what a jerk.

I’ve often thought about whether it is magazine images that cause women to develop what I call anorexic personalities — they are under weight and already suffering from bone density issues, yet would like to lose just 5 more pounds — or men like the jerk I described above who make such callus and uncalled for comments.

I have another memory, of when I was 17 or 18, and was identitical to what I weight right now, as you see me today in my albums. The guy said, “you are nice and all, but you really could stand to lose a few pounds,” and I would have to say that, I guess at that time it was boys that made me feel like a friggin cow all the time. I was an identical weight to what I am today, and I felt fat.

So, what was it with the anorexic desires of the men of my past?

Sex dating

Strangely enough, I am less put off by social stigma than I am by the Adult Sex Dating home page with its plethora of impossibly perfect models and constantly up-for-it sex maniacs. I’ve noticed the sense of entitlement from some men here and social brainwashing is partially to blame again (the assumption that women should be available for sex as and when men please*), as well as the marketing of the site – all have a very real and unpleasant effect on the female members. Read more »

So as usual, lets go to the Tales from the Field.

There was a female that I used to speak to who is no longer on the site. She lives with a DB who she “took in” several years ago. They started out as FWBs and now years later, he is now living with her. Of course, she would have it no differently. She is extremely happy. The DB loves fucking her. She has sex almost every night of the week. She also has free reign to play as she deems fit. Luckily for her, she has really good taste. However, she has trouble getting HPMs and GGs to stick around. She remains frustrated that she only gets random DBs on her all the time. After my “passing” on interacting with her sexually, she decided to start bouncing ideas off of me. I told her very clearly, that she has fucked herself Read more »

Relationships from a man’s point of view?

We always hear the rules of a relationship from the female side of things, well ladies here are our rules from a man’s point of view. these are our rules!!!!
these rules are numbered 1 on purpose!!!!
breast are for looking at and that is why we do it. Don’t try to change that.
learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl . If it is up, put it down. we need it up, you need it down. you don’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down.
Saturday sports. its like the full moon or changing of the tides. let it be.
shopping is not a sport. and no, we are never going to think of it that way.
crying is blackmail
ask for what you want. let us be clear on this one:
1. subtle hints do not work
2. strong hints do not work
3. obvious hints do not work
just say it! Read more »

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