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Who can suck their own dick?

One my earlier sex dating blogs I did after looking at someone’s album where it demonstrated both his flexibility and determination with pictures of himself sucking his own dick.
I see this idea is alive and well with [blog bigbigbigD], although by his length, less flexibility is required.

Just for the record, I’ve never tried to lick my pussy.

Getting proactive

There are many lies out there, but I’ve always found truth in numbers, and what the numbers on HIV are saying is very scary if there isn’t a strong shift in a recommitment to get proactive about turning this around again. And the really scary part of this is that it is today’s children that will pay the price of complacency and anemic attitudes towards this.
One of the best things that I’ve seen done to educate kids about how disease can spread is a lab that some students get if they take biology in school. Read more »

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I’m dreaming as I’m sitting here typing this. Dreaming about what I’ll be doing as soon as you come into my private room. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but I can’t seem to help it. I’m really hot, wet, and horny right now. I am just thinking about taking my biggest dildo and spreading my legs so you can watch me slide all of it into my shaved pussy. I guess I should tell you something about me but I’d much rather talk about sex and what I want to do right now while you watch Mmmmm. I’m a MILF and hell yeah I look good and you’ll think so too. Blonde long hair, hazel eyes and a great body. Over 40, but that just means I know how to take care of a guy and I do. You won’t leave me unhappy, believe me.

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Hey there, I’m Serena and I’m happy you are interested enough to stop by and take a look at my pic and what I have to say. First a little bit about me. I’m 20 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes. I’m also bisexual so everyone is welcome in my private room, couples too. I enjoy sex or I wouldn’t be here and I guess I like being watched while I masturbate It is kind of kinky and when I first started it took me a while to get comfortable but now, watch out! I’m not shy and I love being watched. If you have a cam and feel like sharing please do, it makes me even hotter. Well here I am waiting and I hope you decide to come join me. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.

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If you would like to know more about me then you really must come on in and meet me in my private room. Then you get to see and find out everything. I will tell you a little bit and hope you find me interesting. I’m 20 years old and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I like men only and my favorite postion is being on top. I’m petite and only stand about 5’3, even though I’m tiny you got to remember that good things come in small packages I’m nice to everyone and always am smiling, and happy. Enjoy my time on cam and meeting new guys. I like sex, well too much I guess lol… but what can a person do about that except take care of that itch with a little scratch. Come on in and lets play, I’d love to have some fun with you.

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You will love my tits! BUT I have other exciting things to show too lol. Just that everyone remarks about my boobs. I’m not a big girl but I was blessed with big boobs, 36C and nice and real. I’m 21 years old with long dark hair and eyes and I love showing off every single part of me. Playing with big huge dildos are one of my favorite things to do to get warmed up with and you’ll be shocked that I can take something that huge… but the bigger the better and the more I love it. I love being on cam and being watched while I masturbate. Won’t you please come and join me so we can masturbate together? I’m super horny right now and really could use some company. You’ll have fun

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What is out there in sex toys?

There sure are a lots of accessories out there. This wedge thing looks neat, interesting angle, boy it looks like it would help hit the g-spot. And built-in bondage adult sex game with those hook things to hold legs and/or arms in place.
This thing looks like a very simple thing, but I don’t think a commonly thought of “toy.” When I think toys, I think vibrators, dildos, bondage stuff, and I guess the stuff that if you visit 10 different adult sex dating site selling sex toys, well, most of it is the same stuff.
I think it would be kind of interesting to point out, describe, less commonly known toys. So, what’s out there?

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I’m young, fresh and beautiful! Thats just for starters. I have a great body, shaved pussy, some tattoos, and love playing with myself while you watch. I am a sex addict so I’m here a lot, because I can’t do without more than about 5 hours. I even wake up to masturbate if no one is around to help me out. I’m single and looking right now. You have to be good in bed and ready to satisfy me at all times. Of course you will get the same back. Have never found a guy like that yet but I keep searching. Whatever you have in mind, I’ll usually go along with unless its really gross lol. I really need a play mate right now to satisfy. My pussy is wet and I’m horny and ready.

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Dating to fuck

Hey guys, how you doing? I’m a 38 year old cougar ready to do everything possible to make you cum! I am the best one on this site because I truly know what a guy wants, and I do it. When you join me in my private room your fantasies are about to become a reality. I’m not going to tease you or lead you on, I’m as horny as you are and I need what you need… to get off! No matter what you’ve dreamed of don’t be afraid to tell me because I love trying new things. Of course I have the usuals, toys, vibrators, beads and some not so usual things too.. I’ll tell you those when you visit though. I look great for my age, and I’m always wet and ready. So if you’re not scared come join me now.

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What is wrong with missionary?

It seems to me that missionary is getting a bad rap. To mention missionary seems to be analogous with boring, or sexually repressive or inhibited, and well, missionary is so…
What do I like about missionary?
I like the length of my body touching my partner’s
I like to entwine my legs with his
I love his breath on my neck, ears…
I love the sounds of his moans directly in my ears.
I can reach his ears, neck, lips with my mouth.
I can run my hands down his back, feel the tone, the definition, so much of that tone, definition that I feel under silky skin feels so masculine to me, the feel of man.
I can feel the bum, the muscles tighten and loosen with each thrust, so masculine, my stud, my buck.
I feel my clit most stimulated by each thrust more in missionary then any other position, and that does drive me wild.
I can look in his eyes, more intimately then any other position.
I can be held closely and hold and hug closely.
I can talk into his ear.
He can talk into mine.
I can feel his balls slap and rub against me in a way that drives me crazy
I have wonderful orgasms.
So, why the bad rap?

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