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Small world of sex dating

I have a sex dating friend who I have talked to for quite awhile. Well last night as I am laying in bed chatting with him, we start talking about hotels. No biggie, right? WRONG! I made mention of having met someone once at a hotel, came away from the experience TOTALLY changed. Well it just so happens that my friend knows this person kinda intimately. I went into shock! It took all my control not to start crying. I was shaking so hard that I had to curl up in a ball. I mean this is the kind of think that could cause problems. Actually it caused quite a few at the time and some since. I know my sex dating friend knew something was being held back, but I played it off the best that I could.

Playing hooky

So as I drove home from dropping my kid off at school, all I could think about was going home and crawling into bed. Then with the ding of a message on the cell my day changed.
As I read the message I could feel my body start to tingle. It was just a simple message from a sex dating friend asking if I wanted to meet up soon. Little did he know that I was playing hooky. Hope he has some stamina. Read more »

Sex Dating Club – Hot & Wet

Ever have one of those days? I mean the kind of day that everything, everyone…..makes you hot? Makes you wet? TODAY is that day.
I don’t know why. I mean sitting at the computer I start thinking about Sex Dating Club. I see a parent (dads) waiting to pick up their kids at school….start getting wet. Talking to Sex Dating Club friends on messenger start getting horny. Talking to a Sex Dating Club friend on the phone….horny!
And the sad thing is not a darn thing I can do about it. Really need/want to get laid.
Okay maybe if I Sex Dating Club blog about it the feelings will go away.

Here I go again….

I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. No matter what I do in my adult personals life it always finds some way to come back to bite me in the ass.

I hang out with sex dating club friends…..I get messages chastising me (of sorts). I talk to guys…..I get messages telling me I am a slut. Hello? Hello? What the hell? I am me! I am not tied to anyone at this point! I am trying to determine who/what/where I am.

sex in dating club

So what do I do? I am at a point in my life that I have men who pursue me, but their wants & needs and mine are different. That isn’t to say that there isn’t someone out there who has the same wants and needs as myself. But sometimes it is hard to voice.
I am a dating flirt! HUGE flirt! Ask any on my sex dating club friends from the group. But that is all it is…..flirting. I don’t “sleep around”. I can’t. Whenever I make the decision to “sleep” with a guy I also put a part of my heart into the decision. Am I saying that I am in love with every guy I have had sex in dating club with? NO! But I do have to have feelings to have sex in dating club. Most of the guys have stayed my friends.

Sex Dreaming?

Wow! Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it made you wonder if it was really a dream or reality?

I had one of those recently. It truly made me wonder.

I had went out with a sex club dating friend for drinks and dinner. Afterwards we went back to his place and I had a few more drinks. Well when our “sex night” ended I headed on home.
After having a shower and some self pleasure time, I settled down in my bed to watch a movie. I fell into a nice content sleep when “the sex dating dream” began. Read more »

Stupid little girl!

I am confused. Someone tell me why guys want to fuck your brains out, tell you how awesome you are in bed, how great you are with the mouth God gave you…but yet want to be sex dating club friends and never contact you again?

Back to dating club again!

Wow! My sex dating Life sucks…oh no that is just me, lol! Been out of the loop for a little while but I am back and ready to rock.

I have been a VERY good girl for quite a while now and think it is time for me to let the BAD girl out of her cage.
I think I am finally ready to let my hair down and live sex dating club life to its fullest. Anyone out there willing to help?

ME and sex dating.

Well I have made a promise to my adult sex friends…and more importantly to myself. I have made some mistakes in my recent choices of dates. I have also made some very bad choices in the way I conduct myself. I lost the respect of my sex dating friends. I am now back in charge of my sex dating life and plan on staying that way. I am Michele and I am going to be proud of myself! I am going to respect myself. I am going to demand respect cfrom the people around me! I am going to surround myself with only positive people! For those sex dating club friends who have been there and stuck it out with me….THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! I will earn back your trust and your respect.

GOOD GUYS in dating

Well after my last posting I had a few people tell me that I was just missing out on all the good guys. I wondered to myself how can I be missing them? I respond to every message I get, and very nice to everyone, and I don’t think I am too picky. So I am sorry for saying that there are no good men left. But I sure wish I could find one….LOL. Oh yeah I actually found a very nice guy from Sex Dating Club the other day, oh wait a minute he stood me up!!!!! You know who you are and yes I know you already made it up to me. Ok let’s see how much b.s. I get for this one!!!!

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