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Awhile back a guy I was dating suggested I get my nipples pierced. Heck he was even going to pay for me to get them done.
But I was always to scared….

Well recently I have seriously been giving it some thought. I mean my nipples are very sensitive, I LOVE to have them iced down then heated up with someones warm wet lips .

So now I have to decide on one or both. If I only do one which one should it be? Left one…..or right? I mean is there a difference? Well a friend and I were discussing this just a few nights ago and we decided to ask a guys opinion….

So we ask one of my former lovers and a very good friend what his opinion was….He said definitely the right…Why we asked? Because that way when I am on top he can play with my right nipple with his left hand, which leaves his right hand (his dominant hand) free to do other things…..

So any other opinions out there to be heard?

Really made me think

Most of those people around me know about me and my seperation from my husband of 20 years. They know I am the mother of 2 daughters. They know why my marriage is over. And they also know I have no hard feelings against my soon to be ex, matter of fact we are friends to an extent.
Well tonight my daughter, 12 y.o., and I were talking. We were talking about my dating etc. I asked if her dad had started dating yet. She told me kinda, and I was glad. As I asked her if she had met the person dad was dating, she got kinda quiet….RED ALERT! She told me she had never met the lady but dad talks to her for hours on end, online that is the lady in question lives in the Philipines. Ok, no big deal I guess, right? Well I guess in my daughters eyes it is a VERY big deal.
When I asked why she was bothered with her dad dating when my dating never seemed tp bother her. She said that maybe it was because she knew that I would always make her first in my life but she

Someone of my own

I have begun to think about alot of things lately. I love my new sex dating life, don’t get me wrong. But there are some things missing. I mean for 20+ years I had someone by my side. Not always really “there” for me, but there none the less. I miss those little things.
Little things like having someone to come home and tell my problems to, or share good news. Little things like someone to snuggle up with on a cold winters night, or even sit and watch the sunrise/sunset with. Someone to comfort me with the crack of lightning and someone to share a silly joke with.
Soft gentle touchs and hot steamy kisses. Slow easy lovemaking deep into the night and hot early morning sex. The suprise stops late at night and long drives to the lake.
I have lots of friends both male and female so I am not without companionship, but I really would like someone of my own. Have a really great new playmate, who is a great friend but that is all. I know there is someone out there for me, just gotta be patient

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