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Cock Gets in the Way

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Most of you kinda got it right.

As Kate and I are deeply kissing ready to make each other cum – along comes this guy.

He is wearing a condom – he knows the rules.

He wants one of us to suck him and grabs Kate’s hair…

Now what do you think happened?

Does he get his cock sucked?

I bet most of you won’t get what happened next! Love to hear your suggestions.

gangbangs are such fun.

Yes Abby, Orgasm Denial Does Exist!!

I said a few blogs back that I would discuss orgasm denial – these are a few of the responses I got about the subject.

The first is from Abby – she’s 18 years old:

orgasm denial sounds awesome if it exists!!!! Can you tell how its done please.

This response is from another reader, Tease:

how do you not have an orgasm? I just can’t stop. do you have to hide your orgasm…..

what happens if you cannot hold back?!?!?

No Tease, I don’t have to hide my orgasm. This is how our Orgasm Denial works:

Most women would agree that they LOVE orgasms. When I was a teen I could not stop myself from masturbating – I just LOVED orgasms sooooooo much.

Well, one of the major aspects of the BDSM lifestyle is the denial of orgasm. Mostly, the Master / Mistress will tell the slave not to cum until allowed to do so.

Master may bring the slave close to orgasm and then STOP. It’s kinda fun to do.

Jon and I do this and call it TOD – Temporary Orgasm Denial. I usually want this to be as temporary as possible.

But there is a little more to it than plain ol’ TOD.

Many women buy their boyfriends and husbands Tshirts, socks, books – anything really. But what is the MOST precious thing you can gift to your mate?

Yes, you guessed it – your orgasms!

Now you might think I’m crazy – but I have gifted my orgasms to Jon. It’s his to do whatever he wants with.

He can make me have orgasms anytime – or NOT make me have them.

I KNOW I can masturbate any time I want – but what’s the fun in that! My orgasm have a much HIGHER VALUE now because it’s controlled by Jon. And you know what – I never masturbate by myself any more!

Now, I only orgasm when Jon tells me to or makes me or allows me.

Luckily Jon is not stupid. He exercises his gift reasonably. He just uses it to control me sexually.

The result?

When I do orgasm I just EXPLODE! I have the most amazing intense orgasms. Often I can have intense orgasms 10 – 20 times in a session.

And what about him controlling me sexually? Well, I LOVE that. I WANT that. I am a sexual masochist. He’ll make me do all sorts of crazy things to earn my orgasms!

He’ll whip me, tie me up, share me, give me away – all sorts of deviant things – and I just lap it all up knowing I’m eventually going to get the most explosive orgasms!

Eat your heart out Pavlov – you should have experimented on humans not dogs!

In this pic Jon has denied me an orgasm for nearly one week! Over that time, he has been extra cruel by playing with my clit and bringing me close close close to orgasm – but not letting me cum!

I am sitting and talking with him. And without even knowing what I am doing I slip down the chair, my skirt lifting, and I position myself for him. I just want him to fuck me HARD!

What does he do?

He takes a pic and tells me to let him work!

I try harder to entice him by pushing up my pussy, opening my legs wider, and moving up and down in a lascivious manner. [I'll post a pic of this if you ask nicely.]

Does he buy it? No, he just pats my pussy and tells me to go away!

Am I unhappy having gifted my orgasms to Jon? Read more »

Girls Try to Make Love With 15 Guys

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. It’s a JOY to relive this fun group session with YOU.

If you’ve been following the blog series so far, you’ll know that Kate and I have been allowed to orgasm and that her orgasm has triggered her desire to make me cum – again and again.

In this pic we start making love. We are kissing deeply – our breasts are pressed tight against each other. I love the feel of her hard nipples on my breasts.

I grab Kate’s pert bottom as we kiss. I can see in the pic that this has triggered another response from Kate – unknowingly, she starts to gap her anus.

Wow – that’s a clear sign she wants something in it – but guys you have to wait – all 15+++ of you!

You can also see a little cock in the top left hand corner.

This guy is very bold and he’s going to play a part in frustrating Kate’s resolve to make me cum again and again.

What do you think he is trying to do?

Will he succeed?

Stay tuned to find out!

In the meantime, I love your suggestions and comments – so please respond.

Two Girls Play With Each Other

Thanks for all your comments – email and blog are running hot.

I’ve also received quite a few questions about Orgasm Denial – which I’ll write about in another blog.

Well, you already know that when Kate is with me and she cums – somthing triggers in her mind and she then desperately wants to make ME cum – again and again.

She is such a wonderful slave to her Master and by extension to me – when he “gives her away”!

At this gangbang, there were lots of guys with cocks rampant milling around after Kate and I were allowed to cum – see my earlier blog: 15 +++ Guys and Two Bad Bad Girls: 3.

After we both orgasmed while being fucked, we simply ignored the guys and started to play with each other.

Did the guys protest?

Well, no. I have not met a guy yet who does not get turned on by girl-on-girl!

So, the cocks that had fucked us already that were flaccid – all rose to the occasion and joined the cocks already erect.

Wow – there was a lot of cock there!

In this pic Kate lies on top of me while I play with her breasts. She loves her breasts being squeezed HARD – especially when she’s cumming!

I can feel her hot hot beautiful pussy close to mine. We are both super super horny and very very wet!

The guys are just standing around watching. Sorry guys – you just have to wait…

What would YOU want the two Bad Bad Girls to do next?

What would YOU tell us to do?

Girls ARE Allowed to Cum

Well NOW our Masters allow us to orgasm. Orgasm Denial is sure hard – but it’s fun!
I was told to get on my back so I joined Kate on the floor.
The next two guys fucked us until we both orgasmed.
So here Kate and I are both cumming together whilst we’re being fucked. Both Kate and I LOVE kissing as we orgasm.
You can clearly see our orgasmic flush. Kate’s Master is at her head being loving.
When Kate and I are together she has this wonderful reaction after she cums.
Remember these blogs?: Two Bad Bad Girls Finish Off 5;
A Bad Bad Girl Gets Whipped by Another 1
Kate desperately wants to make me cum again and again and if there are guys there she’ll ignore them to make me cum.
Wow – how cool is that!

Do you want to see Kate trying to make me orgasm – while many of the guys are trying to fuck her?

All you have to do is ask!

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