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Tell me your desire, what do you miss from your love?

In trying to explain what with wrong with Mr. Nic, I couldn’t explain what I was missing. There were a lot of things.
I missed the passion. I missed being looked at with lust and desire and the almost impossibility of keeping your mouth off of mine and your hands off of me.
I missed the desire. To be looked at when I passed by as something you want to grab and make me scream with desire and excitement.
I missed the love taken away because of too many affairs and disrespect. I think the line was crossed within the last year. But others think it was crossed a longtime ago.
I miss the actual act of sex. The feeling of a dick inside me. The bulging, growing cock that I could wrap my tongue around.
I miss the kiss. Damn those kisses that make me want to crawl all over someone and show him how he makes me feel. Those wonderful, wonderful kisses.
I miss the chemistry. The look and the spark that ignites a thousand fires within me. The equations and intoxicating feeling only good chemistry can give.
I am ready for all of them. One of them at a time maybe. But all of them eventually.
What do you miss the most when your not in a good relationship?
What that is lacking seems the most desperate to acquire?
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