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OH, it was worth every doubt

I found her at Mobile Adult Dating She said ” Yes” when I had emailed her and told er I was coming to her land, and would it be OK if I invited her for dinner.
She looked, fabulous, wonderful, so pretty in her dress, a comfortable, yet sensual dress, deisgned to flatter and compliment her figure.
She laughed when I said something which was in English, but needed translation into her English, she smiled and I was lost. Oh, and the way she ate her dinner was incredible, I love watching a woman eat, when she loves life it shows in the way she eats, …I know it seems odd, but it does, theres a sort of, sort of joyous delight on her face.
After dinner, we lingered, no dessert, instead, cognac, and coffee, ( I had an expresso in mine, its like piss otherwise, which is odd..) and then, she agreed to move to a bar, with a dance floor and a piano player…
She danced close, excusing my oafish efforts with a gracious smile delicately manouvering us back to our table when the pressure of my feet on hers became too much.
At the end of our evening, we returned to my room, for a ” nightcap”, I knew I was being granted a huge priviledge, this was after all our first meet and shes not the type, you know to routinely have sex with people the first time. I wasnt expecting that, I really wasnt, but, but,I couldnt make the right noises to stop it.
She was, if possible, more gorgeous naked than I had imagined, and believe me I had imagined lots and lots. I imagined the smell and the feel of her hair, and it was, marvelous. I imagined the feel of her skin and it was more soft, more satin, more perfect that I thought possible, she tasted and smelled spectacular.
I was playing with her nipples in my lips and looked at her face, and her eyes, her beautiful, deep sensual eyes captured me in a moment. I hesitated for a moment or three, until I could breathe once more, until my heart started beating again, until I could coordinate my fingers, lips and tongue.

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