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The People of Adult Sex Dating, IMHO…

In the past six months I would say I have noticed such an array of people entering the Carolina Chat Room. From Professional Whiners to the regular alcoholics who have always been there but chosen to be over looked. The back stabbers, liars, cheaters and just all around ass wipes have always been there and typically keep a low enough profile.

Just recently the alcoholics, the mouth breathers and those so in love with themselves they have NO room for another… have chosen to rear their slurred speech and fugly ass heads in an attempt to ruin an otherwise normal type atmosphere. I am not sure if it is from boredom or because as one replied to me ~ just out and out NO LIFE!!!. Sadly, their impact on the chat room is typically that of rude, crude and just falling down drunken stupor. It is one thing to comment rudely, it is another to go on a rip in an effort to verbally abuse another just to satisfy their sadness at an empty glass and life. But because their life is unreasonably boring and peered through beer goggles and what other variety of rose colored articles she chooses to slap on her mug, does NOT give her the right to lay her bullshit on ANY ONE because of her lack of happiness/companionship/or boorish manners. Go and Find partner here!

You can NOT help but cringe when they enter chat because you just know they haven’t had a good day; they they are in there to garner praise because their day sucked; that they rarely have a kind word or thought about anyone and strive to make sure they make others aware of that, and the crowning moment: Their disgusting sex lives discussed openly enough to make one gag, hack and turn another shade of pale. We all know that person hasn’t been laid since condoms were invented because it is too hard to keep a penis hard enough to place it in a condom to do this kind of person ~ UNLESS of course, this is a blow job, in which case, she is ALSO a pro!!! God Bless those lips and I don’t mean those vaginal ones Those have seen more dicks than a New York bus urinal on a bad day

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