Friday, 6 of December of 2013

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Sex Dreaming?

Wow! Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it made you wonder if it was really a dream or reality?

I had one of those recently. It truly made me wonder.

I had went out with a sex club dating friend for drinks and dinner. Afterwards we went back to his place and I had a few more drinks. Well when our “sex night” ended I headed on home.
After having a shower and some self pleasure time, I settled down in my bed to watch a movie. I fell into a nice content sleep when “the sex dating dream” began. Read more »

What is wrong with missionary?

It seems to me that missionary is getting a bad rap. To mention missionary seems to be analogous with boring, or sexually repressive or inhibited, and well, missionary is so…
What do I like about missionary?
I like the length of my body touching my partner’s
I like to entwine my legs with his
I love his breath on my neck, ears…
I love the sounds of his moans directly in my ears.
I can reach his ears, neck, lips with my mouth.
I can run my hands down his back, feel the tone, the definition, so much of that tone, definition that I feel under silky skin feels so masculine to me, the feel of man.
I can feel the bum, the muscles tighten and loosen with each thrust, so masculine, my stud, my buck.
I feel my clit most stimulated by each thrust more in missionary then any other position, and that does drive me wild.
I can look in his eyes, more intimately then any other position.
I can be held closely and hold and hug closely.
I can talk into his ear.
He can talk into mine.
I can feel his balls slap and rub against me in a way that drives me crazy
I have wonderful orgasms.
So, why the bad rap?

Licking pussy

I am quite taken with the depth of passion for oral sex, the descriptions about taste, smell, women who move their hips like they are humping your face, how sloppy wet women get, grabbing hair, the sounds women make, etc.

I am curious, and think about this, is this depth and passion for eating pussy because you really like doing it, or because of the response of women from being eaten? I mean, if a woman isn’t all that responsive in her actions, do you still enjoy it? Read more »

Sex questions

I like talking about sex and I like learning about different things that turn people on and what they find so hot about it.

I am curious about how often that gag reflex gets in the way with taking a cock deep in the mouth? I’m curious as to what percentage of woman have master this without that gag reflex?

And, does the gag reflex bother you?


I love the thought of eating pussy. the actual action of eating pussy and taking my time in pleasing any woman’s pussy for hours on end? i love to suck on the clit and make it real hard , while i finger you? i love the taste of pussy and the sweet aroma that it brings as you release your juices on me as you squirt in my mouth as you get aroused and climax to a thundering orgasm?

Looking to have an all Female Gangbang for me?

It is early in the morning and as I am looking and searching through the Adult FriendFinder site, I came up with the idea to pput on an all female gangbang where I am the only male participant? I think that this would be very hot, fun, sexsy and challenging for me to have so many women at my leisure fucking and sucking me on any given time period where I will have to cum over and over and over again? I have see in many porn movies where there are so many women having these gangbangs where they do 25, 50, 100, 500 and even 2000 guys at one time in a 24 hour period. I am not looking to set any type of records, but just have some good ole safe and clean hot and horny sexual encounters with women Read more »

Favorite sexual positions?

I was just wondering what others feel is their best sexual position and why? What makes that position better than all the rest? Is it a personal style you may have or just the mondain practice that you have always programmed yourself into performing.

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