Friday, 6 of December of 2013

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I am here for sex

It’s just a body and ass and a real person behind all that. Not into all the pervs here. I like Real males not little boys who seem to play with themselves while viewing me and other females on here.
My body is very nice and I take pride in it looking good. But don’t appreciate some of the emails I get. If we all went on what a pic said damn we would all be shallow! I guess we are shallow to a point.
But you boys make all the real guys look bad! I appreciate the views but please remember I’m not here for sex. this just isn’t a sex site. And yes I have to admit I love to look as well and flirt. But I much rather see a clothed male/half clothed male than one showing his penis constantly.
But just post. Because when you send me an email some I know haven’t read my profile from the way you word the email. This is a Swinger, Adult Chat but also Sex Dating Site for us ladies to find real and genuine males who want more then sex.
Hell, when you think about it anyone anywhere can get sex along with the dieases that come with it.
So, I choose the other route wait for him and he will eventually come along….someone who actually likes me for me and reads my profile and doesn’t insult my intelligence by saying I already like you because of my s/n or come sit on my face! Get a Damn Grip!
Please it is so unreal…there are real Gents here. So, please read the profile it pays and remember there is more to me than my ass.

Here I go again….

I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. No matter what I do in my adult personals life it always finds some way to come back to bite me in the ass.

I hang out with sex dating club friends…..I get messages chastising me (of sorts). I talk to guys…..I get messages telling me I am a slut. Hello? Hello? What the hell? I am me! I am not tied to anyone at this point! I am trying to determine who/what/where I am.

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