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twenty three

twenty three
Twenty three years ago today I lost my virginity. I have written about it a few times (this one, written two years ago, provides the details:a lifetime ago and I’m still learning…) but the gist is that I was raped by a 16 year old boy in my church youth group. I told him no, he didn’t take no for an answer was basically how it went down.
It’s funny, I have long since gotten over being angry. I had something stolen from me and have every right to be full of hatred. But somehow looking over the course my life took after that, it seems like it was meant to be: an experience I was meant to bear, something that has shaped me into who I am. And I think I am a pretty decent person so I can’t be resentful. I forgave that boy a long, long time ago.
I stalked him on Online Dating a couple of years ago near the anniversary. It appears he is married and has a son and owns a business. Good for him. I wonder if he ever thinks about me and that fateful July afternoon?
If I’d gotten pregnant and had a child by him, he or she would be 22 years old. That’s a pretty crazy thought. Here I think I am too young to be a mom to a 15 year old but I sure as hell am too young to be a mom to a 22 year old.
The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me, mainly due to my volatile primary relationship, or whatever you want to call it these days. It truly defies labels. But today I am going to remember this date and how far I’ve come and that I’m a survivor.
I am refusing to ride this coaster any more. I am going with him to see the symphony tonight. I want to sit and close my eyes and absorb the music and let peace seep into my soul. I want to be still. And breathe. And be grateful for all of these things, good and bad, that have molded me into me.

Who can suck their own dick?

One my earlier sex dating blogs I did after looking at someone’s album where it demonstrated both his flexibility and determination with pictures of himself sucking his own dick.
I see this idea is alive and well with [blog bigbigbigD], although by his length, less flexibility is required.

Just for the record, I’ve never tried to lick my pussy.

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The stigma still associated with sexual promiscuity for women is unfair and depressing. It must affect women a lot and dissuades them from being more open sexually. However, although this stigma is probably the main factor explaining the ratio of men and female on Adult FriendFinder, I think other factors might come into play.
Firstly, this site seems to be advertised aggressively through porn sites, with mostly a focus on men. Read more »

Sex dating

Strangely enough, I am less put off by social stigma than I am by the Adult Sex Dating home page with its plethora of impossibly perfect models and constantly up-for-it sex maniacs. I’ve noticed the sense of entitlement from some men here and social brainwashing is partially to blame again (the assumption that women should be available for sex as and when men please*), as well as the marketing of the site – all have a very real and unpleasant effect on the female members. Read more »


I was looking on this site and noticed all of the nude female pics and the nude male pics and was wondering is there really a difference between the two? it seems to me that more women are getting more response to their ads than male pics? does it really take a nude picture to get someones attention without knowing who the person really is and base your decision on a nude pic without a face on top?

Are there any Black women left on this website?

I have been a member of Adult FriendFinder for a little more than 8 months and noticed very quietly that there is a strong lack of Black women either in my are here in Michigan or on this site in general. Where have you’ll gone to? I think that the Black women on this site are MISSING IN ACTION and I am somewhat confused that there is not more Black women interested in this site? What seems to be the issue oe problem that you can not put yourself out there on this site and have a face pic at that? As a Black man on this site if I can have my face placed on this site I beleive that all Black women can to. I thank all of my other friends who have placed and ad and face or body pic on this site. 1 Love to all my White, Read more »

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