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OH, it was worth every doubt

I found her at Mobile Adult Dating She said ” Yes” when I had emailed her and told er I was coming to her land, and would it be OK if I invited her for dinner.
She looked, fabulous, wonderful, so pretty in her dress, a comfortable, yet sensual dress, deisgned to flatter and compliment her figure.
She laughed when I said something which was in English, but needed translation into her English, she smiled and I was lost. Oh, and the way she ate her dinner was incredible, I love watching a woman eat, when she loves life it shows in the way she eats, …I know it seems odd, but it does, theres a sort of, sort of joyous delight on her face.
After dinner, we lingered, no dessert, instead, cognac, and coffee, ( I had an expresso in mine, its like piss otherwise, which is odd..) and then, she agreed to move to a bar, with a dance floor and a piano player…
She danced close, excusing my oafish efforts with a gracious smile delicately manouvering us back to our table when the pressure of my feet on hers became too much.
At the end of our evening, we returned to my room, for a ” nightcap”, I knew I was being granted a huge priviledge, this was after all our first meet and shes not the type, you know to routinely have sex with people the first time. I wasnt expecting that, I really wasnt, but, but,I couldnt make the right noises to stop it.
She was, if possible, more gorgeous naked than I had imagined, and believe me I had imagined lots and lots. I imagined the smell and the feel of her hair, and it was, marvelous. I imagined the feel of her skin and it was more soft, more satin, more perfect that I thought possible, she tasted and smelled spectacular.
I was playing with her nipples in my lips and looked at her face, and her eyes, her beautiful, deep sensual eyes captured me in a moment. I hesitated for a moment or three, until I could breathe once more, until my heart started beating again, until I could coordinate my fingers, lips and tongue.


Awhile back a guy I was dating suggested I get my nipples pierced. Heck he was even going to pay for me to get them done.
But I was always to scared….

Well recently I have seriously been giving it some thought. I mean my nipples are very sensitive, I LOVE to have them iced down then heated up with someones warm wet lips .

So now I have to decide on one or both. If I only do one which one should it be? Left one…..or right? I mean is there a difference? Well a friend and I were discussing this just a few nights ago and we decided to ask a guys opinion….

So we ask one of my former lovers and a very good friend what his opinion was….He said definitely the right…Why we asked? Because that way when I am on top he can play with my right nipple with his left hand, which leaves his right hand (his dominant hand) free to do other things…..

So any other opinions out there to be heard?

Playing hooky

So as I drove home from dropping my kid off at school, all I could think about was going home and crawling into bed. Then with the ding of a message on the cell my day changed.
As I read the message I could feel my body start to tingle. It was just a simple message from a sex dating friend asking if I wanted to meet up soon. Little did he know that I was playing hooky. Hope he has some stamina. Read more »

sex in dating club

So what do I do? I am at a point in my life that I have men who pursue me, but their wants & needs and mine are different. That isn’t to say that there isn’t someone out there who has the same wants and needs as myself. But sometimes it is hard to voice.
I am a dating flirt! HUGE flirt! Ask any on my sex dating club friends from the group. But that is all it is…..flirting. I don’t “sleep around”. I can’t. Whenever I make the decision to “sleep” with a guy I also put a part of my heart into the decision. Am I saying that I am in love with every guy I have had sex in dating club with? NO! But I do have to have feelings to have sex in dating club. Most of the guys have stayed my friends.

Getting proactive

There are many lies out there, but I’ve always found truth in numbers, and what the numbers on HIV are saying is very scary if there isn’t a strong shift in a recommitment to get proactive about turning this around again. And the really scary part of this is that it is today’s children that will pay the price of complacency and anemic attitudes towards this.
One of the best things that I’ve seen done to educate kids about how disease can spread is a lab that some students get if they take biology in school. Read more »

So as usual, lets go to the Tales from the Field.

There was a female that I used to speak to who is no longer on the site. She lives with a DB who she “took in” several years ago. They started out as FWBs and now years later, he is now living with her. Of course, she would have it no differently. She is extremely happy. The DB loves fucking her. She has sex almost every night of the week. She also has free reign to play as she deems fit. Luckily for her, she has really good taste. However, she has trouble getting HPMs and GGs to stick around. She remains frustrated that she only gets random DBs on her all the time. After my “passing” on interacting with her sexually, she decided to start bouncing ideas off of me. I told her very clearly, that she has fucked herself Read more »

7 Qualities of a great sex partner?

Having a true sexually compatable partner is very hard to find. A women with the right mind and body and moves can fill your fantasies for years to come even after the two of you break up. Here are 7 qualities that people can look for when selecting the right man or women for the job.

1. She?s clean ( well manicured and trimmed in all the right places).
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6 Ways to get instant respect.

Respect is always earned and never given to us. Some of us in today?s society have very little patience, will and perserverance needed to be truly respected. Respect is directly linked to your reputation. Here are some ways in which you can get instant respect in your lives.

1. Don?t spit on anyone
2. Dress the part
3. Keep silent
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6 Ways to arouse a women?

1. Look sharp (dress to impress)
2. Talk dirty ( this always works for me)
3. Lick her thighs and lower back( seduction is the key)
4. Use erotic movies ( porn always works best)
5. Call her up ( an unexpected call out the blue works wonders because it let?s her know that you are always thinking about her)
6. Use blindfolds ( a little role playing help here)
There are many ways to arouse a women, but there?s no doubt that arousing her mind will get her body going. sometimes, something simple as a deep, slow, wet kiss can make a women go crazy on you. the thing is, there?s only one way to find out what makes her tick.

5 Lust must

Here are 5 of the most interesting ways that you can lust after your partner?

1. Show some excitement.
2. Be brazen about your body.
3. Make some noise.
4. Light up the night.
5. Seal it with a kiss.

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