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Sex parties…. why i always vet people first!!

That said … i had an email in my inbox… the normal one not the Adult Sex Dating one.. from a couple i have played with from time to time…
She is *stunning* slim, blonde feminine… she looks good with no make up too… which i think is an under rated virtue! and him… well he aint so bad either… but ive played as a couple with them and as a single female… but today i got an email from them as they are planning a private party tonight and was wondering if i fancied coming along…
Would i fancy coming along… now usually this would be a slam dunk… yep i bloody well would… and who knows come 6pm i could change my mind… but right now…ive said maybe… but truthfully I’m not up for it .. today…
however – as usual – i like to keep my options open so i emailled back and asked for pics of the other people who are going to be there…
Now this may seem a little weird to those that don’t know.. most couples trust the hosts that everyone is going to be fairly attractive… well me… not so much and there is a story behind it…
about 5 years ago i went to a party with my ex… it was a couple we knew fairly well and i was assured they are all lovely and sexy… s i thought… ok then…

Cock Gets in the Way

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Most of you kinda got it right.

As Kate and I are deeply kissing ready to make each other cum – along comes this guy.

He is wearing a condom – he knows the rules.

He wants one of us to suck him and grabs Kate’s hair…

Now what do you think happened?

Does he get his cock sucked?

I bet most of you won’t get what happened next! Love to hear your suggestions.

gangbangs are such fun.

Yes Abby, Orgasm Denial Does Exist!!

I said a few blogs back that I would discuss orgasm denial – these are a few of the responses I got about the subject.

The first is from Abby – she’s 18 years old:

orgasm denial sounds awesome if it exists!!!! Can you tell how its done please.

This response is from another reader, Tease:

how do you not have an orgasm? I just can’t stop. do you have to hide your orgasm…..

what happens if you cannot hold back?!?!?

No Tease, I don’t have to hide my orgasm. This is how our Orgasm Denial works:

Most women would agree that they LOVE orgasms. When I was a teen I could not stop myself from masturbating – I just LOVED orgasms sooooooo much.

Well, one of the major aspects of the BDSM lifestyle is the denial of orgasm. Mostly, the Master / Mistress will tell the slave not to cum until allowed to do so.

Master may bring the slave close to orgasm and then STOP. It’s kinda fun to do.

Jon and I do this and call it TOD – Temporary Orgasm Denial. I usually want this to be as temporary as possible.

But there is a little more to it than plain ol’ TOD.

Many women buy their boyfriends and husbands Tshirts, socks, books – anything really. But what is the MOST precious thing you can gift to your mate?

Yes, you guessed it – your orgasms!

Now you might think I’m crazy – but I have gifted my orgasms to Jon. It’s his to do whatever he wants with.

He can make me have orgasms anytime – or NOT make me have them.

I KNOW I can masturbate any time I want – but what’s the fun in that! My orgasm have a much HIGHER VALUE now because it’s controlled by Jon. And you know what – I never masturbate by myself any more!

Now, I only orgasm when Jon tells me to or makes me or allows me.

Luckily Jon is not stupid. He exercises his gift reasonably. He just uses it to control me sexually.

The result?

When I do orgasm I just EXPLODE! I have the most amazing intense orgasms. Often I can have intense orgasms 10 – 20 times in a session.

And what about him controlling me sexually? Well, I LOVE that. I WANT that. I am a sexual masochist. He’ll make me do all sorts of crazy things to earn my orgasms!

He’ll whip me, tie me up, share me, give me away – all sorts of deviant things – and I just lap it all up knowing I’m eventually going to get the most explosive orgasms!

Eat your heart out Pavlov – you should have experimented on humans not dogs!

In this pic Jon has denied me an orgasm for nearly one week! Over that time, he has been extra cruel by playing with my clit and bringing me close close close to orgasm – but not letting me cum!

I am sitting and talking with him. And without even knowing what I am doing I slip down the chair, my skirt lifting, and I position myself for him. I just want him to fuck me HARD!

What does he do?

He takes a pic and tells me to let him work!

I try harder to entice him by pushing up my pussy, opening my legs wider, and moving up and down in a lascivious manner. [I'll post a pic of this if you ask nicely.]

Does he buy it? No, he just pats my pussy and tells me to go away!

Am I unhappy having gifted my orgasms to Jon? Read more »

Girls ARE Allowed to Cum

Well NOW our Masters allow us to orgasm. Orgasm Denial is sure hard – but it’s fun!
I was told to get on my back so I joined Kate on the floor.
The next two guys fucked us until we both orgasmed.
So here Kate and I are both cumming together whilst we’re being fucked. Both Kate and I LOVE kissing as we orgasm.
You can clearly see our orgasmic flush. Kate’s Master is at her head being loving.
When Kate and I are together she has this wonderful reaction after she cums.
Remember these blogs?: Two Bad Bad Girls Finish Off 5;
A Bad Bad Girl Gets Whipped by Another 1
Kate desperately wants to make me cum again and again and if there are guys there she’ll ignore them to make me cum.
Wow – how cool is that!

Do you want to see Kate trying to make me orgasm – while many of the guys are trying to fuck her?

All you have to do is ask!

Sex Dating Club – Hot & Wet

Ever have one of those days? I mean the kind of day that everything, everyone…..makes you hot? Makes you wet? TODAY is that day.
I don’t know why. I mean sitting at the computer I start thinking about Sex Dating Club. I see a parent (dads) waiting to pick up their kids at school….start getting wet. Talking to Sex Dating Club friends on messenger start getting horny. Talking to a Sex Dating Club friend on the phone….horny!
And the sad thing is not a darn thing I can do about it. Really need/want to get laid.
Okay maybe if I Sex Dating Club blog about it the feelings will go away.

Stupid little girl!

I am confused. Someone tell me why guys want to fuck your brains out, tell you how awesome you are in bed, how great you are with the mouth God gave you…but yet want to be sex dating club friends and never contact you again?

Back to dating club again!

Wow! My sex dating Life sucks…oh no that is just me, lol! Been out of the loop for a little while but I am back and ready to rock.

I have been a VERY good girl for quite a while now and think it is time for me to let the BAD girl out of her cage.
I think I am finally ready to let my hair down and live sex dating club life to its fullest. Anyone out there willing to help?

ME and sex dating.

Well I have made a promise to my adult sex friends…and more importantly to myself. I have made some mistakes in my recent choices of dates. I have also made some very bad choices in the way I conduct myself. I lost the respect of my sex dating friends. I am now back in charge of my sex dating life and plan on staying that way. I am Michele and I am going to be proud of myself! I am going to respect myself. I am going to demand respect cfrom the people around me! I am going to surround myself with only positive people! For those sex dating club friends who have been there and stuck it out with me….THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! I will earn back your trust and your respect.

GOOD GUYS in dating

Well after my last posting I had a few people tell me that I was just missing out on all the good guys. I wondered to myself how can I be missing them? I respond to every message I get, and very nice to everyone, and I don’t think I am too picky. So I am sorry for saying that there are no good men left. But I sure wish I could find one….LOL. Oh yeah I actually found a very nice guy from Sex Dating Club the other day, oh wait a minute he stood me up!!!!! You know who you are and yes I know you already made it up to me. Ok let’s see how much b.s. I get for this one!!!!

Sex dating club party

Ok I am feeling the need to have myself a pity sex dating party. Very small intimate adult sex party with only myself present. I am still very new to the site, the group, and to the swingers world in general. I am pretty sure I partied a little too hard the last time I was at Zeke’s. I was upset, let emotions get to me and chose to numb them with alcohol. I had a blast with the sex dating club friends I was surrounded by, but the next day I felt very guilty. I am not a bad person. I do not normally just hop into bed with a person or group of persons. Especially when I have been drinking! I am normally a very shy, and careful person. I do not want to be thought of as “the easy girl”. I am not! I really prefer to get to know people and become friends before I jump into bed. Ok well life goes on. I guess it is time for the sex personals party to end!

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