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Are all women young and mature afraid to meet people on this site?

Well it real early in the morning and I just got home from a hard days work and decided to log on to the Adult FriendFinder website to view my local matches and to see if anyone gave me a wink or a invite? As I look on there was no invitation form any females , but only a few hits to people who viewed my profile and pics. I sit here wondering if all this searching is for not because there seems to be a poor lack of women in the Saginaw, Bay City, Midland and Flint area who do not want to meet with other people who are actually very nice and are willling to meet in person, but are only here on this site to window shop and be amused that they can see people trying to hook up for great sexual adventures like myself for instance. I beleive that ther are a few good and decent women out there who want to have sex with people who share the same interests and beliefs as I do, but still to this day no one has even offered me a chance to get to know them and see if we can have some chemistry in and out of the bedroom so yet I still press onward in search of HOT women of any age willing to be pleased by a man WHO WANTS TO PLEASE YOU IN MIND AND BODY. I going home to fuck my wife and know that you are out there and if you are shy you do not have to be shy around me if you release your inhibitions and let the moment take shape and blossom into something wonderful. If you feel compelled to review my profile and want to find out if I am nice and considerate in person and pleasing in the bedroom them look me up on Adult FriendFinder and send me a wink or email. Sometimes life is like a game of chess where two people who are known or unknown to one another make technical moves where the end result will be checkmate. I am making the first move on the sexual chessboard, so it’s your move to make. When we come together for a wonderful day or night of hot passionate sex then it will be checkmate because you and I will ultimately win in this game.

Tell me your desire, what do you miss from your love?

In trying to explain what with wrong with Mr. Nic, I couldn’t explain what I was missing. There were a lot of things.
I missed the passion. I missed being looked at with lust and desire and the almost impossibility of keeping your mouth off of mine and your hands off of me.
I missed the desire. To be looked at when I passed by as something you want to grab and make me scream with desire and excitement.
I missed the love taken away because of too many affairs and disrespect. I think the line was crossed within the last year. But others think it was crossed a longtime ago.
I miss the actual act of sex. The feeling of a dick inside me. The bulging, growing cock that I could wrap my tongue around.
I miss the kiss. Damn those kisses that make me want to crawl all over someone and show him how he makes me feel. Those wonderful, wonderful kisses.
I miss the chemistry. The look and the spark that ignites a thousand fires within me. The equations and intoxicating feeling only good chemistry can give.
I am ready for all of them. One of them at a time maybe. But all of them eventually.
What do you miss the most when your not in a good relationship?
What that is lacking seems the most desperate to acquire?
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Two Girls Play With Each Other

Thanks for all your comments – email and blog are running hot.

I’ve also received quite a few questions about Orgasm Denial – which I’ll write about in another blog.

Well, you already know that when Kate is with me and she cums – somthing triggers in her mind and she then desperately wants to make ME cum – again and again.

She is such a wonderful slave to her Master and by extension to me – when he “gives her away”!

At this gangbang, there were lots of guys with cocks rampant milling around after Kate and I were allowed to cum – see my earlier blog: 15 +++ Guys and Two Bad Bad Girls: 3.

After we both orgasmed while being fucked, we simply ignored the guys and started to play with each other.

Did the guys protest?

Well, no. I have not met a guy yet who does not get turned on by girl-on-girl!

So, the cocks that had fucked us already that were flaccid – all rose to the occasion and joined the cocks already erect.

Wow – there was a lot of cock there!

In this pic Kate lies on top of me while I play with her breasts. She loves her breasts being squeezed HARD – especially when she’s cumming!

I can feel her hot hot beautiful pussy close to mine. We are both super super horny and very very wet!

The guys are just standing around watching. Sorry guys – you just have to wait…

What would YOU want the two Bad Bad Girls to do next?

What would YOU tell us to do?

Someone of my own

I have begun to think about alot of things lately. I love my new sex dating life, don’t get me wrong. But there are some things missing. I mean for 20+ years I had someone by my side. Not always really “there” for me, but there none the less. I miss those little things.
Little things like having someone to come home and tell my problems to, or share good news. Little things like someone to snuggle up with on a cold winters night, or even sit and watch the sunrise/sunset with. Someone to comfort me with the crack of lightning and someone to share a silly joke with.
Soft gentle touchs and hot steamy kisses. Slow easy lovemaking deep into the night and hot early morning sex. The suprise stops late at night and long drives to the lake.
I have lots of friends both male and female so I am not without companionship, but I really would like someone of my own. Have a really great new playmate, who is a great friend but that is all. I know there is someone out there for me, just gotta be patient

Small world of sex dating

I have a sex dating friend who I have talked to for quite awhile. Well last night as I am laying in bed chatting with him, we start talking about hotels. No biggie, right? WRONG! I made mention of having met someone once at a hotel, came away from the experience TOTALLY changed. Well it just so happens that my friend knows this person kinda intimately. I went into shock! It took all my control not to start crying. I was shaking so hard that I had to curl up in a ball. I mean this is the kind of think that could cause problems. Actually it caused quite a few at the time and some since. I know my sex dating friend knew something was being held back, but I played it off the best that I could.

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