Friday, 6 of December of 2013

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So went to a free sex games party last night. Yes I know Halloween was a week ago, but free sex games party was postponed due to everyone having kids. So went to the party last night and I went as a leopard….of sorts. The picture looks like what I wore except the teal lace was black on mine. Then of course I had to wear the ears, tail and of course the black stilletos.
free sexy games Party was alot of fun because I had a date. A new playmate came down and joined me for the party. I love the way this guy treats me. I mean he compliments me all the time, sincerely. He holds my hand, because he wants to. I turn to find him staring at me, because he finds me beautiful. He is a few years younger, but alot more mature then some men I have dated since being on the dating scene the last two years.

Anyway back to the party, lol. It was an free sex games party, bdsm/swinger party to be exact. Now mind you, I am very interested in bdsm…. Read more »

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