Friday, 6 of December of 2013

When minds and bodies meet and match

I blogged a couple of days ago about a visit I was expecting from an Adult Sex Dating buddy. After a flurry of nervous txts on Monday afternoon he arrived at my place.
One look at him and I knew he was everything I had been expecting from our months of chatting online. Tall, well built and handsome, with the most amazing eyes and a very sexy smile … oh be still my beating heart. One soft, slow kiss and the stampeding herd of butterflies (or were they elephants??) in my stomach settled down to a quiet dull thudding.
With a sense of humour that kept me laughing and an intelligent mind that meant for great conversation, and that firm click of perfect chemistry, we spent a fabulous time together.
It’s been a while since a man kissed me and I felt weak at the knees but OMG YES! Beautiful, soft, slow kisses which drove me crazy. This man has lips, hands and tongue that he knows how to use to take a girl to heaven and back, not to mention …. ohhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Hoping to have the chance to play again while you are home in NZ … Mr You Know Who You Are!

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