Friday, 6 of December of 2013

Free Sex Games

So went to a free sex games party last night. Yes I know Halloween was a week ago, but free sex games party was postponed due to everyone having kids. So went to the party last night and I went as a leopard….of sorts. The picture looks like what I wore except the teal lace was black on mine. Then of course I had to wear the ears, tail and of course the black stilletos.
free sexy games Party was alot of fun because I had a date. A new playmate came down and joined me for the party. I love the way this guy treats me. I mean he compliments me all the time, sincerely. He holds my hand, because he wants to. I turn to find him staring at me, because he finds me beautiful. He is a few years younger, but alot more mature then some men I have dated since being on the dating scene the last two years.

Anyway back to the party, lol. It was an free sex games party, bdsm/swinger party to be exact. Now mind you, I am very interested in bdsm…. from the sidelines. I mean I like the little pain during play free hentai games. The spanking, the hair pulls, the nibbles. But some of these scenes are very interesting to watch. On the other end of the playspace party was the swinger room. Again very fun to sit back and watch. Actually got the chance to watch a friend in a group play session, 1 guy and about 4 women. Kinda hot to watch. Saw an aquaintance actually getting very involved in someones business, so to say. I mean wow….the lady was enjoying herself so to say from what I could see. Did I play free sex games? A little, with my date. We found a bed and did some heavy breathing….hot and heavy petting in free sex games. But none of my clothes ever came off or even came close….

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